After Chris Kostolefsky saw the magic of the performing arts early in his life, he fell in love with being an entertainer and the rest…. as they say… is below.

An Entertaining Family Tradition

When Chris started doing magic at seven years old, it wasn’t exactly out of the blue. His dad owned a magic shop where Chris would hang out and work a little bit, but mostly he played with the merchandise. He practiced every trick he could get his hands on and soon learned that he had a knack for it.

Not long after that, he started doing magic — spiced up with a bit of comedy — for his friends and found it got him very positive feedback.  His innate interest and immediate love of entertaining any audience he came across drove him to practice tirelessly, and he soon became an expert comedian and magician. He was quickly booked to do magic shows for kids’ all over the San Francisco Bay area – birthday parties, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and any other type of event that needed entertainment for kids – and he was in business!

With his avid love of performing, Chris was making a name for himself as he constantly expanded and honed his skills. He credits and his repertoire grew quickly as he performed on stage in the San Francisco Bay area whenever the opportunity arose.

Chris’s talent continued to garner attention in the area, and by the time he went to college, people noticed his deep, resonant voice. His smooth vocal quality combined with a quick wit proved to be a great combo to segue into yet another performing venue – Radio!

A Voice For Radio
 Over the course of the next 10 years, after studying radio and TV at the College of San Mateo, Chris proceeded to work as a radio DJ and personality in nearly every format airing at the time — weekend shows, weekday shows, all formats, and any audience demographic.

Proving to have a super keen skill of adapting for audiences, Chris was one of the most versatile and in-demand voice talents in the area, working professionally in well over 20 formats with ease.

Another Skill Emerges For Chris
Upon gaining recognition as a radio DJ, Chris found another career skill emerging. As a radio show producer, many up-and-coming musicians pleaded with him to play their records.  Although he couldn’t always accommodate them, he did become a fan of a select few of the great ones, and for a few, he decided to go a step further.

Experienced as a radio host and producer, getting involved in record production and distribution was a natural progression. With his pick of the crop, he took some of them on as a manager-producer in the music business.  For the next eight years — post-radio-gigs — he embarked on another fun career for a young man  as a band manager and producer.

And then alas…. While he loved his ambitious and super-busy young adult life, Chris decided after a while that something was missing. At that point, he settled down, got married, and had two precious childen. He found a “real job” – at least one that was more suitable for a family man – and he put aside his performing for a few years to devote himself to his family.

After a few years of letting the giant performing bug sleep and having his priorities straight, Chris finally felt it was the right time to turn his attention back to his original first love.  He started acting and working on-camera again.

He proceeded to complete over 50 on-camera roles in short films, commercials, and corporate videos.  Chris’s smooth, resonant voice also landed him gigs for voice-over work on corporate films, PSAs, training videos, commercial, and other such type projects.

With the flame of his love for performing once again being fanned, he was happy to be back in the saddle.  However, there was one thing that was a little bit off-base.

The Real Deal
While Chris loves performing on and off-camera, after more than 50 low-budget films, his original passion for standup comedy started kicking loud and strong once again. At that point, he decided to turn his focus back to his roots… standup comedy.

Since that time Chris has been a regular guest at comedy clubs around Los Angeles at most of the usual venues, including The Improv, The Icehouse, Comedy Store, and more.

He’s also a popular hire for corporate events — regularly performing for health professionals, the Veteran’s Administration, the real estate industry, and hospitals, as well as for charities and benefits.

A Multi-Talented Showman For Hire
Chris’s timeless material can be adapted to be family-appropriate or edgier.  His material centers on the absurdity of everyday life and family occurrences. And his divorce many years ago also left him with plenty of deliciously comedic material.

Not just your everyday comedian, Chris has other tricks up his sleeve spicing up each performance with a bit of magic and other variety arts.

Chris currently lives in the greater Los Angeles area but claims he’s still a Northern Californian.  He is available for bookings and says he will perform anywhere except in his own eulogy at his funeral. He is especilly interested in working on cruise ships because of their very healthy midnight buffets.